Friday, July 8, 2016


"May he give you the desire of your heart
and make all your
plans succeed."
(Psalm 20:4)

The world likes to define success by the measure of fame and fortune a person achieves. But in my devotions this morning, I came across a definition of success that really gave me something to ponder.

In my Bible footnotes, it defined success in God's eyes as, "faithfully doing the work God gives you." Wow! That really put things into perspective.

While the world claims popularity and having it all makes you successful, God says true success comes through simple obedience to Him.

The Lord has placed a deep desire in my life to write, and though I'm yet to be published as a novelist, I've had the privilege of having numerous articles and short-stories printed in Christian magazines. Every now and then, I've received feedback from readers, expressing how they were touched by what I'd written. I can think of no truer blessing than knowing God has used what I write to bring honor to Him. It's my constant prayer the Lord will continue to sow seeds of hope into the lives of others through what He leads me to write.

Writers are often tempted to gage their success by the number of books they sell or the amount of hits their sites receive. Yet, as Christian authors, is that truly what writing is about? Instead, isn't it about touching lives and being a voice for God? Whether we write non-fiction or fiction, the message should be the same--one of God's redemption, healing, and grace. If even one life is touched by what we write, then our writing is a success in God's eyes.

The same is true in all walks of life. Whether you're a stay at home mom, a teacher, a nurse, or a volunteer worker, God can use you right where you are--if you're faithful to do what He calls you to.
What has God placed on your heart to accomplish? I'd love to hear your story. 

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  1. Cynthia, thank you for this encouraging post. I'm learning that, like you said, it isn't how many pieces we get published, but the lives who are touched by even one piece we write.

    1. Yes, and that's such a hard lesson to learn since we don't always know whose lives are touched. But the Lord knows & that's what counts. Thanks for stopping by, Tish!

  2. Whenever I work with peace in my heart & feel God's moving in my life, I'm a success. Thanks for the post, Cynthia.

    1. Amen! That is true success. Thank you, Janet.